Frequently Asked Questions


About Our Services
Welcome Home Vancouver (an affiliate of Make Yourself at Home Listings Inc.) is a website that advertises on behalf of private property owners in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Welcome Home Vancouver is not a property manager and does not provide any property management services. We respond to enquiries, match properties with requests, and gather background information on potential tenants for our property owners.  The owner shows the suite, generates the rental contract, collects payments and makes the final decision on the rental.

How do I reserve a property?
If you are renting on a monthly basis, to secure your suite reservation, our property owners require a deposit equivalent to 50% of the first month's rent, which is in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Branch. When you move in, this deposit serves as your damage deposit. The damage deposit is held by the property owner to cover any damage caused by a tenant beyond normal wear and tear during the tenancy. The damage deposit is fully refundable after the end of the rental period, subject to a suite inspection.

If your stay is less than one month, the damage deposit varies from owner to owner, but generally is 50% of the rent payable.

Do I Sign an Agreement?
Yes. Property owners generally use a standard British Columbia rental agreement that they may modify to suit the tenancy. Generally, the rental agreement is reviewed and signed by both parties prior to the tenant’s arrival. This agreement can also be signed when you arrive. However, when Welcome Home Vancouver confirms a booking between a tenant and an owner, until the Rental Agreement and the security deposit are in place, the suite remains “live & available” on our website. We encourage our property owners and prospective tenants to complete the agreement as quickly as possible and secure the rental by prompt payment of the damage deposit. 

Is my deposit refundable?
Yes, your deposit is fully refundable by the property owner after the end of your stay subject to an inspection and satisfactory condition of the rental at the end of your tenancy.

How do I send the deposit?
You pay the property owner directly, by sending a certified cheque, money order, or wire transfer. If you are in Canada, a convenient electronic way to transfer money is through INTERAC Email Money Transfers. Ask your bank, it's simple, secure, and inexpensive.

Are all prices in Canadian dollars?
Yes, all prices are in Canadian dollars unless noted otherwise.

Are taxes & utilities included in the price?
Prices generally include taxes and utilities. However, there are a few exceptions, about which you will be advised up front. If you have questions, feel free to ask us.

Do you charge an administration or booking fee to tenants?
Welcome Home Vancouver does not charge an administrative or booking fee to prospective tenants to rent an advertised property.  Fees are paid by the property owner upon completion of a successful booking and tenant occupancy of the suite.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is strictly prohibited. This means you're also not permitted to smoke on balconies or in the yard of a garden suite or laneway house. Many owners have non-smoking clauses in their tenancy agreements which provide for complete forfeiture of the security deposit should the tenant be found to have smoked in the suite.

Are pets allowed?
A small number of our suites are pet friendly. If you require accommodation that is pet friendly, when you contact us please provide additional details about your pet. Generally pets are accepted on a case by case basis. Some property owners require a pet deposit if they agree to your pet staying in the suite. Ask us.

If you bring a pet, a pet damage deposit may be required in addition to the regular damage deposit. The pet deposit is generally equal to 50% of the first month's rent. Pet deposits are fully refundable, providing no damage has been caused by the pet. Some property owners may also charge additional cleaning fees for pets. 

How many people are allowed to stay in a property?
It varies greatly from property to property. Some owners, or their Strata corporations, will have a maximum. The number of occupants cannot exceed the number of sleeping options. Please feel free to ask.

In addition, all occupants must be listed on the Tenancy Agreement. If they're not, they may be subject to removal by the Property Owner. 

What are the check-in and check-out times?
These times vary depending on the needs of the owner and the tenant. These arrangements need to be made between tenant and owner. Check-in time is generally late afternoon; checkout time is generally Noon on the last day of your stay.  We suggest you advise the property owner of your travel arrangements as soon as they have been made to facilitate both check-in and check-out.

What is included?
All units are fully furnished including bed linens and towels. Most units, with the exception of a few weekly rentals, have fully equipped kitchens. If you have specific questions, please ask us or the Property Owner.

What about cable TV, telephone, internet and parking?
Most units are equipped with Cable TV (basic), local telephone,  and Internet access. There are exceptions, please ask. Most downtown apartments have underground parking. In other areas, it is very common for tenants to park on the street.

What is a garden suite?
A garden suite is a private apartment in a residential home - usually a character or heritage home.  Most of these suites are located on the first floor at either ground level or one to two steps down from grade, some have varying ceiling heights. Typically the owners live above on the upper floors.  All of the garden suites listed on the Welcome Home Vancouver website have been renovated and updated.  Many come with more amenities, private patios and more square footage than apartments and condominiums. These suites are often a more economical accommodation in quiet, residential areas in highly desirable Vancouver locations.