Are you a Property Owner considering listing a property?
We assist property owners with furnished accommodations find tenants, and we help tenants, business clientele, and travellers from around the world find premiere furnished accommodation in Vancouver, British Columbia.

If you are the own a fully furnished home, apartment, condo or suite in Vancouver, and are considering renting it and need assistance finding great tenants; send us an email for listing information. We’d like to hear from you! We’re growing and are looking for additional furnished rental properties in the Vancouver area.

Currently, we have high demand for:
- Studio suites, condos and apartments
- Houses, laneway homes and coach houses
- 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes

-Vancouver area
-North Vancouver
-West Vancouver

How does it work? 
We are distinct in that someone from Make Yourself at Home has visited every property on our website, taken the photos, and written an unbiased description. During our visit we also discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have. 

After the visit, we will add your property to our website and will begin marketing the property, both on the website and through other resources.

We save you alot of time by fielding inquiries from potential tenants. When we have an inquiry that matches your availability and preferences, we present it to you for your consideration. We also facilitate viewings, do employment verifications for all stays over one month, and then book your suite. 

We then connect you with the tenant so you can complete the tenancy contract and receive payment of the security deposit. 

A listing visit by one of our experienced staff includes photography, consultation, and listing online. We also discuss the rates you wish to charge and can guide you based on our long-time experience. Please contact us for specific rates. 

Please contact us at or call 604-874-7817. We look forward to hearing more about your property and seeing if it’s a good fit! 

Property Managment 
Are you looking for somone to manage your property? Licensed Realtor and Property Manager Dawn Erbers, an associate, is happy to help you. Please ask.